If you would like to help build this valuable resource and are confident in your cervical mucus observations then please consider uploading your cervical mucus pictures and video clips.  You may do this by uploading them to our Dropbox account by following the directions below.  Note that all donated photos / videos will be treated ANONYMOUSLY on this site. Your personal information will NOT be gathered; only your images/videos.


+ QUALITY. Images must be clear, non-blurry, and have good enough lighting to clearly and easily discern what’s being shown.
+ VARIETY. We’d love to see peak, non-peak, dry, and vaginal cell slough observations!


+ Upload *here* from any device
+ “First Name” please write whether sample is “peak, non-peak, dry, or vaginal cell slough”
+ “Last Name” please write the vaginal sensation associated with the observation: “dry, smooth/moist, or slippery/lubricative”
+ “Email” please input ‘’, as your own email is not needed

Alternatively you may email your images/videos directly to us at

We sincerely thank you!