Have you ever struggled with understanding cervical mucus?

Have you ever wished there was a free, public, easy, shareable visual learning aid where you could find ACTUAL, quality educational photos / videos of real cervical mucus? Tired of the taboo and confusion surrounding cervical mucus? Enter…

* The Cervical Mucus Project *

This site contains a library of Cervical Mucus media contributed anonymously by women around the world.  We are breaking the taboo, spreading awareness, and innovating such a resource for you. With this site we will open up the world of fertility awareness beyond the private forums and textbooks.  Click a link below to view the galleries.


We would like your help to build this resource to its full potential!  If you are confident in your cervical mucus observations, please consider donating photos / videos of your cervical mucus to be added to this growing media library. This will be done completely ANONYMOUSLY – your personal information will NOT be gathered; only your images/videos. If you would like to participate, please click the link below and follow the directions.