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Megan McNamara is a certified fertility awareness educator (FEMM / teenFEMM) and the Founder of FAMtastic Fertility, LLC. She loves helping women take charge of their health, connect with their cycles, and master fertility awareness so they can prevent pregnancy naturally + effectively, optimize natural conception, and be their own health advocates in getting the care they deserve.

She got her start with charting in 2016, fell in love, and never looked back. Then, she wanted to do more:

“When I started with FAM, my biggest challenge was understanding and charting my cervical mucus. Now? It’s my biggest strength. It’s a sign of health, and one we should all be familiar with. People can’t always identify with the pretty pictures and illustrations of cervical mucus in textbooks – it isn’t always enough. We wanted to GET REAL and create a free public resource that everyone has access to: both learners and educators. I’m thankful we can partner with the incredible members of the FAM community to put this resource out there.”

Megan earned her BA in Human Development & Family Studies from the University of Connecticut, focusing on communication, intimate relationships, family dynamics, and child development. You can find her on Instagram + Youtube @FAMtasticFertility. In her downtime, she loves frolicking in the woods, strength training, traveling with her partner, and sneaking fertility awareness into normal conversations.


Nicola Blake is a Fertility Awareness Educator certified through the NFPTA in the UK.. Her passion with fertility awareness was ignited in 2014 when she accidentally came across it after quitting the contraceptive pill.

Her anger at never being educated about basic female fertility fuelled her desire to spread the word so that women are no longer denied the fundamental knowledge of their own body:

“I am child free by choice and so avoiding pregnancy is of utmost importance to me. The fear of an unwanted pregnancy kept me on hormonal birth control for over two decades so when I stumbled across FAM I was blown away! Both in excitement that I could avoid hormonal drugs or invasive surgery but also anger that no one had explained this to me before. I felt like society had let me down, and the more I researched the more I realised that society is letting ALL women down by keeping this information from them”.

Nicola holds a first class BSc in Biochemistry to which she attributes much of her interest in FAM:

“I am intrigued by the biochemical changes that occur in a woman’s body as she gears up to ovulate and how the body responds by producing cervical mucus, a clear sign of her increasing fertility. It is shameful that women are led to believe that it is somehow unclean and unnatural when it is the very essence of procreation – without cervical mucus pregnancy cannot occur! My hope is that the Cervical Mucus Project will go some way to normalising this vital aspect of a woman’s daily life”.

Nicola is a certified accountant by profession but prefers to allow her passions to define her days. These include functional health practices, whole food nutrition, nutrigenomics and website design/creation.. For good health she practices Qi Gong and yin yoga, functional training and walks daily. In recent years she has become a Certified Nutritionist and completed Acupressure Mastery and Self Care programs. She loves the sea and fresh air.